Sunday Subscriptions

Join the (bagel) club

We're saying goodbye to our sleepy Sundays so that you lot can see your week out with a bagel lunch (and welcome in the new week with a bagel breakfast!)
We will be baking until the sun comes up, hand delivering your orders between 12pm & 2pm and then napping the afternoon away.

We know you don't want to miss out on this, so we've decided to set up a subscription system (no more defacing your fridge with bagel club reminders).

The subscription can be set up and paid for weekly (delivered every Sunday) or for every 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month. We are offering a 10% discount to orders made in 3 month intervals.

Delivery is free of charge for IP4 subscribers, otherwise we charge a fee of £2.

For more info or to set up your subscription - drop us an email

To see our Sunday Subscription menu, keep on scrollin'


Sunday Brunch £14   £17

-4 or 6 Seeded Bagels
-114g Pinney's Smoked Salmon
-Bagel Club Orange Juice 

add a bag of Strangers Ground Coffee for £5.50

Bageler's Dozen £14   (vg)

12 mixed Bagels, selected by us.
Perfect for a big family but also freeze really well - just pull them out of the freezer as and when until your next order arrives!

add Stranger's Ground Coffee  - £5.50

add 114g Pinney's Smoked Salmon - £6

Box of 6 or 9  £8   £11

Choose a maximum of 3 flavours 

-Poppy Seed

-Everything (garlic, nigella, sesame, poppy)

-Pumpkin & Sesame 

-Chia & Flax

-Cheese & Jalapeno

add Stranger's Ground Coffee    £5.50

add Pinney's Smoked Salmon   £6