Clubhouse Box £14

2x Sea Salt Pretzels (v)
2x Everything Bagels (vg)
2x Pretzel Buns (v)
1x Roasted Jalapeno Cream Cheese (v) (gf)
1x Apple & Chilli Jam (vg) (gf)
1X Pickled Cucumber (vg) (gf)

'Breakfast, lunch & dinner in a box'

It takes the same amount of time to heat up your salty pretzel as it does to make a cup of coffee, so go ahead and enjoy the two together for breakfast (we enjoy our pretzels with a dollop of mustard for schmearing).

Our 'Everything' bagels are topped with poppy, nigella, sesame & garlic. We fill ours with smoked salmon, roasted jalapeno cc, pickles and rocket for lunch at least twice a week and it never fails to satisfy.

Finish the day off by spreading your chewy pretzel bun with the apple & chilli jam, stuff it with pulled pork and slaw and thank us later!

'New Year, New Schmear' £14

8x Assorted Bagels (vg)
1x Roasted Jalapeno Cream Cheese (v) (gf)
1x Chutney (vg) (gf)
1x Pickles (vg) (gf)

We introduced this novelty box to our menu in celebration of the new year, it's kept its place ever since as it seems to be a firm favourite.

Box of 6 or 9    £7  £10

Choose a maximum of three flavours from our current selection: (vg)

-Everything (garlic, sesame, nigella, poppy)

-Sesame & Sea Salt

-Pumpkin, Chia, Basil Seed

-Cheese & Jalapeno

Pretzels £2 (v)

Sold individually


-Salt & Pepper

-Sea Salt 

Tahini & Chocolate Babka Bagels £2.20 each or £8 for 4 

Issy has been experimenting with Babka recipes for a while so it made sense to make a Babka Bagel. 

The dough is schmeared with a tahini & dark chocolate sauce (laced with brown butter and muscovado). The dough is then twisted into a bagel shaped ring and baked, ready to be dunked into your morning coffee!


Extras £1.50

All sold in 2oz tubs    (gf)

-Roasted Jalapeno Cream Cheese (v) 

-Pickled Cucumber (vg) 

-Pickled Brown Mustard Seeds (vg)

-Toasted Seed Mix (vg)

-Spicy Slaw (vg)

-Herby Butter (v)


Get in touch to discuss any bespoke requests

Our Mothers Day 'Breakfast in Bed' will be posted on March 3rd